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 During the last year, MJT started to meet regularly to rehearse, share ideas for arrangements, compositions, and developed an original modern trio sound that reflects their combined influences. Amirault was the main contributor, bringing in new contrafacts like  All Those Lovely Things (based on All The Things You Are) and Nowhere (based on Out Of Nowhere) which showcase his signature harmonic concepts. His arrangements of the classics Taking a Chance on Love and Take the A Train supply a joyous landscape where the trio really comes to life. Vedady’s Wray is a swinging dedication to the late great Canadian jazz pianist, Wray Downes. Amirault’s Empathy is a call for peace.

Steve Amirault


Versatile and adventurous, the trumpeter is recognized as one of the most brilliant instrumentalists of his generation. He composes for his groups Odd lot, Litania projekt, or in quintet as for his most recent album MiGRATIONS, a project awarded with Juno (Canadian grammy) and Félix prizes.


Composer, saxophonist, improviser and conductor, Philippe is a musical explorer at the crossroads of jazz and classical music. He has studied with renowned composer John Rea and collaborated with saxophonist David Binney on his album Lungta.


Professional double bassist, he evolves in various musical universes with his hybrid octet which combines string quartet and jazz quartet: the Lofi Octet. In addition to his major collaborations with, among others, Valaire, Koriass and Vig Vogel, Oliver composes and plays.

Les sessions ODD SOUND

 les sessions ODD SOUND

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ODD SOUND values and supports the vitality, diversity and creativity of jazz and instrumental music. A non-profit organization founded in 2013 by trumpeter and composer Jacques Kuba Séguin, its mission is to support, promote, produce, disseminate and promote the work of Montreal musicians and composers, especially Philippe Côté, Olivier Hébert and Jacques Kuba Séguin. ODD SOUND and its artists pool their strengths and resources to enable them to fully create, disseminate and contribute to the promotion and evolution of creative jazz and instrumental music.


To support, promote, produce and distribute the work of professional musicians.


Transparency, valorization, 

cooperation & collaboration


To carry jazz in all its forms while respecting its artistic identity.

ODD SOUND's Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the music, cultural and business communities. ODD SOUND enables them to contribute to the various projects it undertakes. Here are its members:

  • Emmanuel Cazeault 

  • Frédéric Leclerc

  • Marie Lamoureux 

  • Karine Rahmani 

  • Jacques Kuba Séguin 

  • Olivier Hébert


Contact us:

Montréal (Québec)

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